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| June 25, 2017

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Notorious hacking group threatens North Korea with cyber warfare

April 4, 2013 |

Anonymous, the mysterious hacking group known for targeting pedophiles, corrupt governments and financial institutions have declared cyberwar on their most notorious target yet — North Korea.

The group announced it has begun to partake on a massive attack on North … Read More

Apple still the top dog of consumer electronics in US

March 4, 2013 |

“A king has its reign.. and then he dies..” Any sci-fi buff would recall these words said by Charlize Theron from the movie Prometheus. Now it may sound dramatic, but revenues and market shares in consumer electronics arena work in … Read More

The Brave New World of Google Glass

March 6, 2013 |

If you have watched this video then admit it, it’s probably one of the greatest things you have seen this year. You can’t wait to get your hands on it, to tell your friends about it, to throw all your … Read More

10 Small Things That Can Make Your Life More Fun

March 4, 2013 |

1. Treat Yo’ Self Day

Have a Treat Yo’ Self Day every once in a while. Slurp on food, expensive clothes and anything that you would not normally buy. Money is made to be spent. We lead a short life, … Read More

Animal Farm and 1984 – George Orwell’s cult classics revisited

March 4, 2013 |

 They say that are books and there are BOOKS; there are stories and there are STORIES. With thousands and thousands of book titles being written each year we are inundated by information overload. Not to mentions the zillions of gigabytes of … Read More

The Best Dresses of Oscar 2013

February 28, 2013 |

Here we are again, the Oscar – the glamour,  the suits and dresses, the awkward hugs, the boring speeches and the wardrobe malfunction – it’s all back, for one night only. And as always, the Red Carpet is a perfect opportunity … Read More

10 Best Harlem Shake Videos So Far

February 20, 2013 |

I feel ashamed for even writing the title. But here at The Nanobyte, we do not falter in the face the squeamishly cheesy pop culture’s brain-dead bastard child. Internet culture is a weird thing, and we love it for that. So … Read More

Samsung Galaxy S4 to be unveiled on March 14th

February 19, 2013 |

Looks like the MWC won’t showcase the Samsung Galaxy S4. We’re going to have to wait– till March 14th.

It seems that Eldar Murtazin, founder of one of the largest Russian telecom websites, Mobile-review, tweeted a message that has everyone … Read More

DIY High Speed Fiber Network – A British Village Shows the Way

February 18, 2013 |

For many people, a high speed internet connection comes quite close to the idea of heaven. As of now, few people can achieve that heaven, with average internet speeds capped at about 10 Mbps in the US. Of course, some … Read More

The Funny and Atrocious bits of CES 2013

February 9, 2013 |

Yeah yeah yeah, I know that the event is old news now but I will still write about it because my part I am going to shed light on deserves the coverage every bit. And this is where it gets … Read More