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| June 25, 2017

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A car that can last 1,000,000 miles without refueling

October 16, 2013 | 1

The possibility of a nuclear-powered vehicle is not an idea reserved for only science fiction as it seems. A US company has stated it will have ready a nuclear-powered prototype vehicle on the road within the next two years.

A … Read More

35 years on, we are now in interstellar space!

September 17, 2013 |

The depiction of outer space in movies is something that leaves the inquisitive ones like me fascinated. And as an anonymous churning out words for a living on the blue planet, the news that Voyager 1 has now entered interstellar … Read More

Wysips® Light-powered Charging Technology: A boon for Smartphone batteries?

September 10, 2013 |

Just the other day I was in this cycle of thought that potential Smartphone charging technologies have been discussed to the death and writing about them serves no good since many of them are still some time away from real-world … Read More

Food critics taste World’s first lab grown burger in London

August 8, 2013 |

A few months ago, my peer Charles Chong shared his opinion on lab-grown meat as well as the sky-high expenses involved in developing it. And now, this synthetic meat has been witnessed by a human’s taste buds.

At a tasting … Read More

Dolphins have Signature Whistles

July 25, 2013 |

Only a few months ago, the Indian government ruled that dolphins are to be considered “non-human persons”.  Due to this decision, dolphins were effectively banned from being kept captive for public entertainment.  This decision came in light of evidence that … Read More

Charging Smartphones with urine?!

July 19, 2013 |

Point of note: If you are easily disgusted, then this post is not for you.

Wacky things happen when it comes to technology so it is good to be open-minded about new advancements. But I will admit that even I … Read More

India Considers Dolphins Non-human Persons

July 16, 2013 |

Writer’s note: This news is a bit dated (from late May), but since I have just found out about this wonderful piece of news, I decided to write about it.



India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests declared that … Read More

Liquid Metal: The new ink of 3D Printers

July 12, 2013 |

One of the most impressive villains of the 90’s era was the T-1000 in Terminator: Judgment Day. Portrayed by Robert Patrick, this metal assassin was unique as it was made of flexible and bendable metal which enabled him to imitate … Read More

Lose Weight In Your Sleep?

June 25, 2013 |

Recently I’ve been on a weight loss rampage — implementing a hardcore diet with weight training/cardio 6 days a week. I constantly monitor my weight on the scale about 2-3 times a day. But the most intriguing part is when … Read More

Tianhe-2 is Now World’s Fastest Supercomputer

June 18, 2013 |

Chinese-built Tianhe-2 is currently on the top of a bi-yearly list of the world’s fastest 500 supercomputers – and it came two years early.  Researchers at the International Supercomputing Conference, where the lists are compiled, expected the Tianhe-2, which is … Read More