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| June 25, 2017

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Roguelike goes Rogue-lite with Rogue Legacy

July 9, 2013 |

In the deep, dark corners of the gaming world is a type of game that not many people know about: Roguelikes.  The reason many people do not know about it is probably due to the extreme difficulty of this particular … Read More

Chinese Engineer gets innovative, makes Cotton Candy from an Old Hard Drive

April 12, 2013 |

Most of us would admit to the fact that the best days of our childhood were the ones SPENT at carnivals with rides and cotton candy. In fact, I will admit that I am still fond of having candy floss … Read More

10 Small Things That Can Make Your Life More Fun

March 4, 2013 |

1. Treat Yo’ Self Day

Have a Treat Yo’ Self Day every once in a while. Slurp on food, expensive clothes and anything that you would not normally buy. Money is made to be spent. We lead a short life, … Read More

Real Ways the World Will End

March 4, 2013 |

We all know how awesome a zombie apocalypse will be. But let’s be honest with ourselves: it probably will never happen (sad face). As much as I hate to admit it, real life zombies are not very plausible, and neither … Read More

Let’s Play the Android Name Game!

February 20, 2013 |

First of all, let me start off by saying that Google’s Android has changed the way we perceive Smartphones thanks to the flexibility it provides in terms of improving user interface and availability of apps. The revolution was brought about … Read More

10 Best Harlem Shake Videos So Far

February 20, 2013 |

I feel ashamed for even writing the title. But here at The Nanobyte, we do not falter in the face the squeamishly cheesy pop culture’s brain-dead bastard child. Internet culture is a weird thing, and we love it for that. So … Read More

Time Capsule: The best Comedies/comedians ever

February 15, 2013 |

One of primary needs of any human being besides food and sleep is laughter. Increasingly Scientist are realizing that laughter is one of the best medicine and therapy available and the best of all is that it is free. It … Read More


February 15, 2013 |

So before I even get into the main post, I will say this loud and clear “I hate cooking as I am not very good at it (see the subtlety!)”. However, watching people employ wacky approaches to cook … Read More

The origin of the word ‘Google’

February 12, 2013 |

Have you ever thought to yourself, where did the word ‘Google’ come from? Well it turns out Google is derived from ‘googol’, which is an enormous number: 1.0 x 10^100 — which is basically one followed by one hundred zeros.

Read More

How to take a #&@! at Work

February 12, 2013 |

We all have to take shits. It’s mother nature’s way of removing excess waste from our body. I know there are those who are adamant about staying away from the toilet– they like to take a shit at home with … Read More