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| June 25, 2017

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Dell 4K Monitors are now here and they don't come cheap

Dell 4K Monitors are now here and they don’t come cheap

It hasn’t been too long since 2560×1440 monitors have entered the market while there are some who still who think 1080p is the highest quality option.

With the amount of buzz 4K TVs have been receiving the past year it left little to none for the monitors. Well now gamers and photographers have some hardware worthy to drool about.

Dell has recently announced a full line up of 4K monitors in various sizes ranging from 32″ to 24″ and I’m sad to say every single one of them is a wallet buster. But all that spending doesn’t come as a total waste of money. Monitors unlike TVs require the person to sit close to so even a 1080p / 1440p monitor can show individual pixels from close range but with 4K monitors its virtually impossible to see with the naked eye. That can mean wonders for those ultra-high resolution photos or games like Battlefield 4 where realism is the hook for the experience (you might need a GTX 780ti at least to support playable framerates at 4k resolution).

The Dell UltraSharp 32 has a 31.5″ IGZO panel with a 3840×2160 resolution which is about 140 ppi. It does not come cheap though. Priced at $3,500, it will most likely cost more than the computer itself. Don’t worry though, there’s a baby brother available in the Dell UltraSharp 24” which is priced at a reasonable $1400, cough.

For those who expect to game using 4K monitors at max settings I recommend you invest in the top of the line card(s) from AMD or Nvidia if you want to maintain optimum frame rates. Check out the benchmarks below if you’re interested.