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| June 25, 2017

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Must Attend Events from All Over The World -

Must Attend Events from All Over The World
Roy McCoy

Not all events are created equal. Some events manage to capture the collective. They become part of our lives. Here is a list of those events that became unique experiences and some good reasons to attend them, as soon as possible.It is also going to be useful for attendees looking for a unique experience.It is very complicated to write a collection of must attend events that will universally apply. Events are a very subjective experience. The reasons why we attend events can be very personal. One way or another there is great value in getting to know and possibly attending as many as you can.

Monaco Grand PrixFormula 1 is not a big thing in the U.S. as it is in Europe. Yet the Monaco Grand Prix, of all F1 races, manages to attract large crowds of sports enthusiasts, VIPs and, well, yachts.The “Race of Monte-Carlo” has been running since 1929. Every year Hollywood celebrities park their Yacht in Monaco’s Marina to watch a breath taking city race. This is a must attend for sport enthusiasts, fashion victims and gossip seekers alike.

TED GlobalAttending a TED Global event is quite a challenge because it’s revolutionizing the way we learn about ideas at live events. Also, It is invite only and the ticket price is quite unapproachable. World leaders have presented at this unique conference.

Burning ManThe event website itself has hard times explaining what Burning Man is. Think Woodstock meet a religious ceremony. This events creates a memorable experience for thousands of devote attendees who gather from all over the World.

The Groundhog DayThere is some ancestral uniqueness and magic about it that turned the Groundhog Day into a global phenomenon. Every year a large crowd gathers in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to learn whether a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil has seen its shadow. Attending is a once in a lifetime experience.

BarCampA local community gathers to host an event that has no schedule. Everything happens on the spot. Most pundits fail in understanding the real innovativeness of this model conferences. The emphasis is not about pleasing sponsors or hosted buyers but to share content and to do your bit to make the event successful.

 OktoberfestPicture the beautiful Munich full of happy people singing “Ein Prosit“. The “prosit” (toast) won’t possibly be “ein” (one) but quite a few and yes you’ll need to stand up, sing along and chug your beer. Oktoberfest is the party of an entire city. It embodies the best of German traditions.

FriezeFrieze is an international art fair with galleries participating from all over the world. 60,000 people usually attend. This fair only features contemporary art.

Cirque du SoleilCircus is usually one of the first events we attend when kids. This Canadian based entertainment company has stepped up the game, renewing the tradition and making it a unique experience for masses to enjoy.

New Year’s Eve in Times SquareSince 1907 immense crowds gather in Times Square, New York, to watch theTimes Square Ball lowered at midnight. The show has been on TV for a while now, yet it seems the new year can’t start without this tradition.

FIFA World Cup FinalCall it soccer, football or calcio, the FIFA World Cup final is an event that gathers the interset of more than a Billion people worldwide.

Comic ConComic Con is a concept rather than a single event. The San Diego Comic-Con International is the event that sums up this movement. Comic Conventions made us touch our comic books heroes.

ExpoThe Expo or World’s fair is the father of trade shows. Nations display their achievements and beauties in pavilions that cost incredible investments. The cities that host the Expo undergo a complete facelift before hosting the event.

 Davos – World Economic ForumEvery year the most powerful and influential leaders gather in the Alps to discuss issues that affect us all. Attendees have an incredible influence and are widely recognised as leaders in their field.

CoachellaCoachella has appeared on this blog a few times. Usually they are at the forefront of technology and social integration.Yet this event manages to attract large crowds looking for good music, art installations and a camping experience.

The Super BowlThe Super Bowl is huge. This has been the case mostly for the U.S., until recently. Social networks contributed to make it a global event. Somewhat 90 Million viewers tune in to enjoy all of the above, making the Super Bowl a tradition of American culture.

Cannes Film FestivalHollywood flock to Southern France every year to make the Croisette vibrate with excitement. Since the 1930s, Cannes has been synonym of quality in cinematography as well as gossip, scandals and diplomatic crises such as when in 1974 a film about abortion was displayed among police intervention and protests.

Vienna New Year’s ConcertIt is estimated that more than 50 Million people from 73 countries tune in to watch the audience clapping by the Radetsky March. Kind of an heresy for a classical concert.Renowned directors lead the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra every year.

Olympics 100m DashThrough the years, this 10 second sport injection has attracted millions of viewers and thousands of flashlights. The run brings to glory the fastest man or woman on earth. Winning this event is the dream of every professional runner, watching it live is every sport enthusiast’s aspiration.

Royal AscotFor those who don’t know, the Royal Ascot is an horse race. Quite a special one. Not necessarily because the British Royal Family attends, not even because it has been happening for more than 200 years.

Academy AwardsParticipating means being in proximity of the Hollywood’s gotha. It also mean stepping on the Red Carpet. Those who manage to attend are established actors, movie producers, directors and influential leaders in the film industry. Not your usual VIP list.

Geneva International Motor ShowWhether you are a fan or not of motors, the Geneva Motor Show is the signature event for one of the biggest industries worldwide. Running since 1905, this salon has annually hosted all the car models that made history.

International CESCES is the trade show for technology. Every year large crowds gather to Las Vegas to understand how technology will change our future. In years products like the VCR, the Compact Disc, the Plasma TV and HDTV have been introduced at this show.

Isle Of Wight FestivalMonopolizing an entire island for a music festival is something that catches my attention. Since 1968 this festival has attracted large crowds to a very small British island.

SXSWSXSW is the place to be if you are in tech and believe in the Internet. Services like Twitter or Foursquare exploded at SXSW. Every year young geeks from around the world fly to Austin to display their latest idea, in the hope to become the next Biz Stone and Ev Williams.

King’s Birthday ThailandOn the 5th of December, millions of Thai people gather to celebrate the King’s birthday, His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej is the king of Thailand It is a spectacular event with parades, boat processions along the river and fireworks.