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| June 25, 2017

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LG Mini Beam is here

LG Mini Beam is here

Projectors have been around for quite a while now however they have failed to enter the mainstream market as one of the top go-to products for our entertainment. A couple of reasons for this is price and size. Top-end projectors can cost thousands of dollars while taking up quite a lot of space. The majority of consumers will not compromise space and money for a theater-like experience at home, not to mention the wall space needed to accommodate the projection. Well in 2013, LG seems to be taking a shot at popularizing their product — which certainly takes into consideration the price and size aspect.

lg minibeam 2

The LG PG65U Mini-Beam is a mini-sized projector with portability (weighing 550 grams) and packs 500 lumens. While it may not be enough to light up Bill Gate’s personal theater it certainly is adequate for regular sized living rooms. The bulbs have a 30,000 hour lifespan so replacement bulbs are unnecessary in most cases.

Another interesting aspect of the LG Mini-Beam is it can be used as a business projector as well, as its native resolution is set at 1280×800 and also includes a HDMI port as well as component and composite connections. Wi-Fi, Miracast, and Wi-Di features are also included right out of the box.

  • Resolution WXGA @ 1280×800
  • Brightness @ 500 lumens
  • 100,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Di, Miracast
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Remote Control

LG has set the price for this device at $700 in the U.S. which is certainly worth considering. Check out this promotional video that shows more of the unconventional uses of the product.