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| June 25, 2017

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Era of the Giant Tablet -

Era of the Giant Tablet
Roy McCoy

Apparently, Samsung’s 11.6-inch Windows 8 preview tablet wasn’t big enough because it’s nothing compared to the giant tablet Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has in his office. Software giant Microsoft created Jumbo tablet running the Operating System Windows 8, the 80-inch tablet. Fox News has just unveiled their upgraded newsroom, complete with novelty-sized Windows-based touchscreens. Anchor Shepard Smith walks viewers through the network’s new setup, which includes workstations with 55-inch touchscreen monitors. He later demonstrates a gigantic 38-foot-long video wall with a device which has never been used in broadcast television before. It’s being said that their new news room represents a cutting-edge way of gathering and reporting news, Fox isn’t the first to use absurd gimmicks to seize an edge over the competition.

Rumors are that the first tablet device will be offered to buy for corporate users, but later it may be able to afford to ordinary consumers. Microsoft Corporation believes that the in near future all of the work will focus on the touch screens: small, medium, large and huge, the size of with wall or desk. An 80-inch Windows 8 touchscreen may sound like an high-class treat for Microsoft’s boss, but Microsoft ultimately plans to sell the giant tablet device. Fox studio has been in transition since Friday, September 13. Fox confirmed the models are running Windows 8. Although it didn’t specify the model type, speculations were it has Microsoft’s Perceptive Pixel touchscreens, which cost about $US8000 each. Microsoft makes an even larger model – 82 inches – for an astounding $US87,000. The touchscreens are intended to be multipurpose for functionality and add another visual element to the broadcast experience