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| June 24, 2017

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The Most Awesome Smartphone Commercials of 2013

The Most Awesome Smartphone Commercials of 2013
Jason Leci

Point of note: This is a till now list so there’s always room for adding more

Forget the design, forget the specs and forget all the façade that usually accompanies the launch of a new Smartphone. The age old cliché is that first impression is the one that is lasting enough. And by that, my fingers are pointed towards the advertising aspect of these phones. Not every potential customer is a tech geek and not everyone is well-versed with what all a new flagship Smartphone from an OEM has to offer. And it is for that very reason a TV or web commercial plays a big part in how the device is perceived by the mass population.

Now no dissing the people behind these commercials, but I have seen some awful ones since I started taking interest. However, that doesn’t mean that there is a dearth of good Smartphone TVCs. In fact, some of them are pretty hilarious and hit the mark right on the Smartphone’s USP. This is a list of the commercials I feel are the best ones that I have seen in 2013: –


1) LG Optimus G Product movie – It is not very often that we get to see a short movie for a Smartphone so this one is a definite exception. Great use of VFX makes this an interesting one to watch.



2) Samsung Galaxy S4 Music Share – Apart from the odd blooper, Samsung is generally spot on with its Mobile commercials. This one for the Galaxy S4 is a well-thought of highlight which does full justice to its Group Play feature.



3) Sony Xperia ZR – The water-proof capabilities of the Xperia Z series are well documented and this commercial is another gem with a catchy background score that’s sure to be on your lips for a good while!



4) Moto X MotoMaker – It’s a shame really that the Moto X would not be launched in Europe anytime soon because the Moto X concept really does take Smartphone innovation to a whole new level. This one’s about the MotoMaker Tool with which you can design your very own Moto X!



5) Nokia Lumia 1020 – Microsoft’s acquisition hasn’t been received very well the world around but let’s hope the agency behind Lumia commercials doesn’t change as they are doing a hell of a job. These two are extra spiced up with a sly dig at the competition.




As always, feel free to add to this list :D