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| June 24, 2017

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Newkia to do what Nokia never did: Build an Android Smartphone. -

Newkia to do what Nokia never did: Build an Android Smartphone.
Jason Leci

When I look back at my opinion on Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, I realize that I am in a small minority here. The general consensus has been mourning the demise of a heritage and the existence of the Finnish manufacturer and very few have been left excited by the strategic impact and future potential this takeover holds. And Singapore-based Newkia (very aptly named I must say) have decided to take matters in their hands as they gear up to make an Android Smartphone using Nokia’s know-how.


Phoenix or Opportunists?

These two are certainly very viable perspectives from which this situation can be analyzed. Many people, including myself, have always wondered why Nokia hasn’t jumped the Android bandwagon yet. And we did get a fairly comprehensible explanation for it by Stephen Elop. But it still hotly contested as Nokia as an OEM is still one of the best, a sentiment duly shared by Newkia’s founder Thomas Henrik Zilliacus. However, he hasn’t really minced his words about Nokia’s faltering inclination for WP8 as he believes that the market share is a true reflection of the fact that this strategy is a failure. What Newkia intends to achieve must be music to the ears of tech evangelists and masses alike.

At the same time, isn’t it ironical that the inception of Newkia took place the same day as the acquisition of Nokia?! Maybe the inside scoops were stronger than we were led to believe and Zilliacus seems to be shrewdly capitalizing on public sentiment.


Resourceful Advantage and a Road Untraveled

Zilliacus has welcomed the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft as they now have the perfect opportunity to prise away some of the resourceful employees to strengthen the Nokia know-how in the manufacturing process. Having spent a decade and a half with the once Finnish giants, this move does underline Zilliacus as well as Newkia’s ambition to explore what Nokia chose to overlook; Design an Android Smartphone using Nokia’s built, technology and quality standards as an OEM. The destination might be a long one but for now, there is conviction in abundance.