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| June 24, 2017

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iPhone 5c disappoints on so many levels -

iPhone 5c disappoints on so many levels
Jason Leci

The build-up to the launch with the leaked photos and features had made me inquisitive about what Apple might have in store with a more economical offering for the first time in its portfolio. Well, let’s just get the elephant out of the room: it is not as appealing as one would have hoped.


The Color Conundrum

Nokia has definitely sparked off the trend of colorful poly-carbonate shells with its Lumia range and iPhone 5c merely follows suit. While the colors on offer in the Lumia range look trendy, the ones of iPhone 5c look to be uninspired and like a miscued ode to leading infant apparel brand chains. And it doesn’t stop there. Apple’s even offering colored and dotted cases for 29$ to make sure that the 5c comes across as something a 10-year old would love to have.

But hey, we consumers are the forgiving kind and I am sure that we will soon warm up to it!


An upgrade to iPhone 5?!

A pal of mine who has been a fervent devotee of the Incredible S recently switched to an iPhone 5 a few months back. And the reason for his switch was not the specs, but the premium finish and the Apple experience.

Now with the launch of iPhone 5c and 5s, Apple will do away with the iPhone 5. And the 5s is a premium handset so 5c falls into direct comparison with its predecessor the iPhone 5.

The new features on the 5c include 4G LTE band networks support, iOS 7 as well as a bit of a knockdown on the price. Both of them have the same A6 chip as well as camera and screen size. And unlike the iPhone 5, the 5c is a bit on the heavier side with 132 grams as compared to the 112 grams of iPhone 5. Not to forget that it only comes in 16GB and 32GB variants while the iPhone 5 also had the 64GB on offer.

The unlocked 16GB version of the 5c will be as much as $100 cheaper than its predecessor but very few of us would buy it without a contract so that doesn’t make much of a difference. If Apple hadn’t gone crazy a la the Blackberry Q10 on the pricing, the iPhone 5c could still have been seen as a worthy proposition but as of now, I am pretty sure that any iPhone user would overlook the price difference and a little OS tweak for a superior aluminum finish.



*THE HILARIOUS SPOOF (Caution: Filled with Expletives)


With the fall in shares, one thing’s for sure: iPhone 5c is not going to draw Asian markets as it still falls into the premium price range.

Maybe I am being too cynical with my first impression but I really expected iPhone 5c to open up a new avenue for mid-range consumer segment. What was expected to be a revolutionary step has turned out be a sour move with a fair few left less than impressed.