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| June 24, 2017

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South Korea pips Japan to 4K broadcasts

South Korea pips Japan to 4K broadcasts
Jason Leci

With the craze for 3D floating in an endless oblivion, 4K or Ultra HD has been the new fad with TV manufacturers despite the fact that virtually no content has been available till now. But that hasn’t deterred the production numbers as shipments of Ultra HD sets as it gets promoted as the next big thing in home entertainment. And there is a strong reason behind that. Ultra HD technology, unlike 3D, really does enhance the viewing experience of a visual as the picture quality is staggeringly crisp and detailed. A look at the projected figures of Ultra HDTV shipments is enough reason to articulate why manufacturers and broadcasting services alike are considerably emphasizing on Ultra HD technology.



Japan’s Sky Perfect was readying to start the test phase of 4K transmissions before the FIFA World Cup 2014 but South Korea has beaten it to be the industry first in that regard. Korea Cable Television and Telecommunications Association has launched the pilot phase of 4K transmission as up to 6 homes are being equipped with high-speed optical fiber and the rumors are that the tests are being sponsored by LG. Moreover unlike Japan where satellite and terrestrial networks are being employed, the Korean test phase is being presumably through just cable TV transmission.

This first becomes even more noteworthy when you realize that South Korea is a good six months ahead of its own schedule for 4K broadcasts. With things in such fast forward mode, commercialization of 4K broadcasting might happen much sooner than we expect.