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| June 24, 2017

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Sony’s EspressOn Smartphone lens might further dent the viability of Point and Shoot cameras

Sony’s EspressOn Smartphone lens might further dent the viability of Point and Shoot cameras
Jason Leci


Despite of making pretty decent Smartphones, Sony’s name never gets echoed in the same breath as the likes of Samsung and HTC within the Smartphone arena. Having tried my hand out at all the top OEM handsets, I get the feeling that this disregard somewhat stems from the fact that the other  handsets outshine Sony in terms of specs (just that little bit) and better benchmark scores. Switch back to real-time usage, and the Xperia Z line-up is as capable as its competition. Hell, I will even give it a few extra brownie points for its well-advertised waterproof capabilities!

And that brings me to the main point of emphasis of this article. A week or so ago, there was speculation that Sony is in the process of bringing camera lens which can be attached to Smartphones for better photography. And now, there has been some more information regarding this development as the attachable camera lens will be called EspressOn.



Now although it is rumored that this accessory is to burgeon the upcoming Xperia Z1 stance, it will also work with iOS as well as other Android devices using Wi-Fi or NFC. The two options that will be on offer-

  • DSC-QX10: 18MP CMOS sensor, f/3.5-3.9 lens, 62.4mm x 61.8mm x 33.3mm, 105gms
  • DSC-QX100: 20.2MP sensor, f/1.8 Carl Zeiss lens, 62.5mm x 62.5mm x 55.5mm, 179gms

I am intentionally skipping on the optical zoom figures as they are anything but certain. Both these lens will be available with power/ shutter/lens reset buttons, power/charge/movie indicator, belt hook, tripod mount, zoom lever, multi-functional jack, display panel for battery and SD card. The bigger of the two, the QX100, will also have ring control for manual operation.

sony lens p1


sony lens user application

What is still not clear is whether the aperture will stay the same or increase with optical zoom (increase in aperture is a negative by the way) and whether these lenses will have Xenon Flash. But nevertheless, if priced well by Sony, these lenses look well capable of being an excellent alternate to the old-school point-and-shoot cameras.