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| June 24, 2017

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Food critics taste World’s first lab grown burger in London

Food critics taste World’s first lab grown burger in London
Jason Leci

A few months ago, my peer Charles Chong shared his opinion on lab-grown meat as well as the sky-high expenses involved in developing it. And now, this synthetic meat has been witnessed by a human’s taste buds.

At a tasting event in London, the first lab-grown burger patty (which is notoriously being given the name “Frankenburger”!) was prepared by Chef Richard McGeown as he seasoned it with salt, egg powder, bread crumbs, red beet juice and saffron. Upon preparation, it was tasted by Austrian food researcher Hanni Ruetzler and food writer Josh Schonwald. The two volunteering critics stripped the bun, tomatoes and lettuce aside just to see what the synthetic meat tasted like.




For Ms Ruetzler, the texture was very close to actual meat but it wasn’t as juicy. While Mr. Schonwald felt that the patty was pretty much like meat, but with a leaner feel. Both of them did agree on one thing though; the meat had a consistently different flavor.

Professor Mark Post remarked that “it’s a very good start”. Scientists also agreed that improving flavor would not be too big a concern as they can allow a few of the stem cells to grow into fat cells to bring the juiciness of meat. This $330,000 project has been funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin whose motivation behind the funding is animal welfare.



This little publicity exercise can go a long way into bringing more investment so that synthetic meat can be developed to meet the mass scale demands in the future keeping animal welfare at the forefront. And since it is practically devoid of fat, it will be beneficial for people’s long-term health as well.

The thing I am the most curious about (again!) is what the vegans think of this and whether they will taste it or not!