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| June 25, 2017

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One for the Drone fans: The Do-It-Yourself Drone Kit

One for the Drone fans: The Do-It-Yourself Drone Kit
Jason Leci

Drone technology is a premise etched all over action thrillers and sci-fi flicks. While it is currently common technology, it never misses to catch my fancy. It doesn’t matter if it is a CGI drone on the big screen or the RC-controlled drones used for shooting. Drones might have been designed for use in military or spying purposes but the utility value have made them popular in other avenues of work as well.

Now what might look attractive might not always be very easy to design. But if you have the enthusiasm for it and access to a 3D printer, it is an entirely different ball game. Dutch interactive designer Jasper Van Loenen has designed a DIY (Drone It Yourself) V1.0 kit which allows you to transform your everyday object like a PC keyboard, a bicycle rim or even a trash can lid into a Drone in the space of a few minutes!

The kit comes in a nifty looking briefcase containing 3D-printed ABS clamps, four propeller motors, an RC-control unit, four ESCs (electronic speed controllers), a Bluetooth module and an OpenPilot CC3D flight controller. Now instead of me explaining the installation, I would recommend you to take a look at this cool installation and demo video from the inventor himself: –



And now, time for the catch. Since this was a graduation project, there are no stand-alone kits that have been manufactured thus far. But Van Loenen has published all the material and design details on the official page. Just a little bit of expertise in 3D printing (or finding an individual who does) and a few components, and you can design and operate your own Drone object. Just make sure it is operated within the ethical boundaries!