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| June 24, 2017

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Happier: A social network for the better moments in life

Happier: A social network for the better moments in life
Jason Leci

Social networking has become an intertwined and impalpable part of our daily grind. Say what you want but it is so well integrated in our lifestyle that there is no getting away from it. As they intend to be, social networking platforms are excellent mediums to stay up to date about the people you know as well as your interests.

As one of the many users of SNS platforms, I am more than up for a bit of banter but the amount of rubbish spouted out these days is plain disheartening. Let me give you a recent instance. Since I am a bit into motorbikes, I was on a discussion page on Facebook and just gave my honest two cents on the author’s opinion. And from nowhere, came a slew of internet warriors who initiated the argument with name calling at the first instance. And for the next 10 minutes, it was my perspective against their drivel (I am allowed to be biased here!).

This virtual war of words somewhat highlighted the fact that the all purpose nature of the likes of Facebook and Twitter has also contributed to negative activities like hate groups and crude pages that have slowly mushroomed in this social network ecosystem. Moreover, the amount of apps and services on these platforms means that trivial updates of human emotion have to scavenge the timeline with hapless bouts of anonymity.

May be this is what prompted this awesome team of people to come up with Happier. It is a social networking platform which allows you to share the most trivial things in life that make you happy. There is absolutely no negativity allowed. And with over a million happy moments already shared by 100,000 people, this Boston startup is sure picking up some traction. The iPhone app for this service is due on August 1 and it is very likely that an Android app will be soon in the works as well. The service has already attracted $2.4m in seed funding from the likes of and Venrock and was also presented by co-founder Nataly Kogan at the recent Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado. Although it did not win, the panel having the likes of Marissa Mayer found it to be a promising concept.

So if you are one of those who value and appreciate the little things in life, then Happier should be your medium of virtual expression.