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| June 24, 2017

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GTA V Gameplay video released, leaves us impressed!

GTA V Gameplay video released, leaves us impressed!
Jason Leci

When I first played San Andreas, I did not have high hopes. But the transition from Triads and Mexican and Cuban mafia in previous versions to the feud of the hood in Los Santos had me hooked in no time. An honest effort had been made on Rockstar’s part to make CJ more relate-able. And almost 9 years later, Rockstar has bought the game back in the hood again!

If the latest game play video is anything to go by, then gamers are in for a much better game play in terms of graphics and motion fluidity.



So what exactly can be expected from the latest installment of Grand Theft Auto? I am going to try and list the significant ones-

  • Three protagonists, three perspectives

The game will have three lead characters: Michael (bank robber), Franklin (street hustler) and Trevor (probably a deceptive sociopath) which gives three unique points of view to the same narrative. It would be convenient to assume at this time that most of the missions will require a joint effort of the trio.

  • Bigger landscape, more things to do

The sheer size of the whole landscape will have map legends for small towns and establishments along with that for the main city. This is also the first GTA that will have underwater gameplay using scuba diving gear.

  • GTA V will have weapon customization and over 1000 mods for cars and motorcycles.
  • A much improved locomotion system, range of motion during combat and gunplay as well as driving mechanics.
  • The special edition of the game will come with a Blueprint map having information about secret places that might not be marked in the normal in-game map.

Those eager will have to wait till September 17th for the official launch of the game. The only negative of the game is that it is only available for consoles and not for PC, but we assume that it will be coming very soon. GTA V is said to be one of the most anticipated games of 2013 and with the ambitious approach from Rockstar, it is safe to say that the hype is justified.