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| June 24, 2017

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World’s first lab-grown meat costs $325,000 for one burger

World’s first lab-grown meat costs $325,000 for one burger
Charles Chong

Producing genetically modified food is nothing new to us, as we have been eating them since the ‘90s.  However, this time around, genetic modification was taken a whole new level, and meat was grown in lab.  The cost?  $325,000.  The taste?  “Reasonably good.”


Mark Post created five ounces of meat in a laboratory, and no, it was not Gene (high fives all around for the those who get the reference!).  Myosatellite cells, a type of stem cell used in repairing muscle tissue, were obtained from cow necks and used to create 20,000 thin strips of cultured muscle tissue.  This process created edible muscle tissue with none of the fat.   Unfortunately, these types of cells do not reproduce infinitely, so any cultured meat will have come from an actual cow – which means PETA-lovers probably will not eat it anyway.  However, if the research gleaned from this experiment can be made efficient and cost effective, the need for cattle in the world will still decrease by a significant amount, which should appease both animal lovers and environmentalists alike.

In fact, a 2011 study from the journal of Environmental Science and Technology, showed that perfecting the creation of cultured meat will significantly reduce water, land, and energy use and the emissions of greenhouse gases such as methane.

While all meat-lovers are curious as to how it will taste, I think the most curious question of all is how those with moral objections to eating meat will handle the situation.  Also, will Hindus will have any objections to eating this not-really-beef?

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