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| June 25, 2017

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PLAiR – video streaming through WiFi enabled HDMI dongle

PLAiR – video streaming through WiFi enabled HDMI dongle
Ray Saunders

Do you love to watch the latest videos on sites like YouTube and download movies and other video files to your laptop for watching later? Or do you have a clutter of wires to connect your computer to your TV?  Do you need to transfer files to your usb stick before you plug and play them on your TV? Are you thinking of buying an expensive Smart TV to surf and play videos from the web? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, you might want to check out the latest gadget that is currently selling like hot cakes. Its site has stopped accepting pre-orders presumably because the demand was unexpectedly high; at $99.00, it’s quite a steal.


PLAiR Product Overview


PLAiR is simply a dongle that you can plug into the HDMI port of your HD TV to play videos from YouTube or other video streaming sites on the web.  Not only that, you can also play videos stored on your laptop or smart phone after logging into the website and downloading a free application.  Even better, when playing videos from the internet, after starting the video, you can simply shut off the computer, and the video will continue.




At the price it is being offered, it is quite a steal.  And while the user reviews have yet to come in following its release; the industry and tech sites are all praise for this cute and neat device that may turn a dumb TV into a smart TV at a very affordable price.