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| June 24, 2017

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Toshiba announces Ultrabook with 2560x1440 display

Toshiba announces Ultrabook with 2560×1440 display

Toshiba has been a player in the Electronics game for a long long time — and they have always made quality products, TVs especially. Now they are about to add some more ammo for their already impressive repertoire.

Toshiba recently announced a new laptop in their Ultrabook lineup to go up head to head with Apple’s Retina Macbook Pro. What makes this a worthy competitor? The Toshiba Ultrabook, ‘Kirabook’  is going to be equipped with a 2560×1440 display.

Now that’s QFHD for those of you who don’t know — 4 times the resolution of HD (1280×720). These type of displays are usually reserved for high performance gaming systems and the monitors are usually 2-3 inches thick. This Ultra-High resolution PixelPure display is also coated by Corning’s Concord Glass.

As good as this display might seem, it still falls short of Apple’s retina display in PPI (221 vs 227), but it shows us the direction Toshiba is heading.

As for the hardware specs, Toshiba has been silent on releasing this info however most high-end Ultrabooks should come standard with an i5/i7, 256 GB SSD and 8GB of memory.

Preorders will be available on May 3 with pricing options ranging from $1600-2000.