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| June 24, 2017

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Dell’s Alienware X51 series now available with Ubuntu

Dell’s Alienware X51 series now available with Ubuntu
Jason Leci

Alienware is a name synonymous with PC gaming these days thanks to the heavily rigged configurations that can run just about any game available to play. However, it’s a known fact that there are a distinct number of gamers who don’t really appreciate the Windows 8 experience due to the need of non game controller peripherals and unnecessary applications that are not required on a gaming rig. Several unabashed discussions have suggested the alternate of incorporating open source operating systems for these gaming CPUs.

Well, it seems like Dell has finally paid heed to user suggestions as buyers in US now have the option of selecting between Ubuntu and Windows 8 operating systems while buying an Alienware X51 unit. I have to say that this is a welcome step as its surely going to reinvigorate the interest of gaming enthusiasts. Its  well accepted that the open-sourced nature of Ubuntu OS and a much more fluid and flexible app ecosystem ensures that you don’t have to keep any apps which are not needed. And through Steam gaming client, one is looking at a gaming experience potentially as robust as a Windows system. Here’s a step by step pictorial guide if one intends on doing that. And with the big picture mode, your gaming can also be switched to your HDTV!





And not to forget the most important factor for consideration – COST. An Ubuntu based Alienware X51 with base configuration of a dual core 3.3 Ghz i3, GeForce GTX 645, 1 GB GDDR5 RAM and 1 TB storage wil cost a whole 100$ cheaper than its Windows 8 variant, although the difference is negligible at the top end of things. And yes, Ubuntu One cloud service also gives you free cloud storage of 5GB for quick and mobile access to apps.

Now to be honest, I am a pretty casual gamer so I have never been engaged by Dell’s hybrid console for PCs but the availability of Ubuntu has ensured that Alienware has my attention now!