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| June 24, 2017

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Extreme sports – the rush of adrenalin

Extreme sports – the rush of adrenalin
Ray Saunders

As we move from a post industrial society to a service based model people have fewer and fewer time for leisure activities. Smartphones, Smart TV applications, online games are passé and people look for newer opportunities to break off from their daily grind and get a rush of adrenalin. Perhaps it is this need that takes people to bizarre and dangerous sports/activities to get a kick or high. Some of these I have tried to compile.


Bungee jumping



We have all seen the images of well heeled men and women jump of the cliffs and bridges, screaming their hearts out. Not for the weak hearted, this is one extreme sport that has not lost its appeal over the years. Something truly worth experiencing!


Sky diving



For ultimate thrill seekers there are few sports that match the excitement of Sky diving. The moment the trap door of the aircraft opens and you see the green, gray surface down below. And with your heart pounding in your chest you walk to the opening and ignoring the warnings of the mind take the plunge. And the seconds and minutes of the free fall when you drop like a rock, before you pull open the parachute and the moment of self doubt whether the parachute will open? All of it gives you the adrenalin rush like few other things in life.


Scuba diving


9Grenada scuba diving turtle

Have you dreamed of swimming in the clear blue waters with the underwater life forms for company and the surface of the ocean visible? The lure of the sea and going under make millions flock to the famous tourist spots each year. The mesmerizing beauty of the unpolluted waters and the oblivious marine life is a universal favorite.

Rock climbing



In this sport the participants climb up, down and across natural rock formations or even artificial rock walls. It is physically and mentally very demanding and proper knowledge of climbing techniques and physical endurance is very important to emerge unscathed from this sport.





Use of an inflatable raft to navigate the choppy waters of a river has found a legion of fans. The times when the cold water splashes against your face and when your raft is tossed and you struggle soaking wet to straighten it gives the participants a high. But training and presence of mind is necessary or the river can simply wash away the thrill seekers with disastrous consequences.



A relatively new entrant in this category is caving that lets the adventurers explore the wild cave systems.  If involves going through a series of squeezes, pitches, and water. A much more dangerous variant is cave diving, not for the ordinary thrill seekers.


An entire industry called the shock tourism has evolved around these extreme sports and activities to facilitate the travel, stay and enjoyment of such sports by thrill seekers. Google and you can find multiple lists of such service providers in case you are interested. One thing is certain; adventure sports offer a wonderful opportunity to recharge your batteries after a tedious and killing work schedule and make you feel alive and younger. So pack your bags and head to the nearest extreme sports destination on next Friday.