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| June 24, 2017

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Time Capsule: The best Comedies/comedians ever

Time Capsule: The best Comedies/comedians ever
Ray Saunders

One of primary needs of any human being besides food and sleep is laughter. Increasingly Scientist are realizing that laughter is one of the best medicine and therapy available and the best of all is that it is free. It has been scientifically proven that happy people live longer than those who are untouched by laughter and contentment. Before you dismiss it another scientific mumbo-jumbo pause a moment and ponder that humans alone on this planet have the ability to laugh; one of the things that differentiates us from animals. It is also said that the truly great man is the one who can laugh at himself.

They have made us laugh, roll off the couch with uncontrollable laughter and laugh until we had tears in our eyes. Though they seem to be lost somewhere in the tunnel of time; there memories are everlasting in the minds of their uncountable legion of fans. Here’s a partial list of the comedies and comedies I have loved as a child.


Didi’s comedy show



A little known German TV show of the 1989 which still has diehard fans. It has a bubbling detective and his funny ways to solving crimes.


I love Lucy




One of the all time favorite cult classic  TV shows that has the lead actress get in and out of al sort of situations.


See No Evil, Hear No Evil




The hilarious movie of one deaf and one blind person who witness a murder.


Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


Some found his humor over the top and his comments sexist. But I found him one of most enjoyable and funny characters. With Dr. Evil and Mini me adding to the laugh riot.




The Mask


The movie propelled Jim Carrey to superstardom and for good reason. He delivered the performance of a life time in this film.




Young Frankenstein




What happens when the notorious character’s grandson inherits the family castle and tries to repeat the history’s most famous experiment.


Mars attacks


The spoof on the Independence Day was funny and witty with sarcastic humor at the same time.


Laurel and Hardy





The fat & thin combination of the lead characters has a old world charm of their own that continues to this day.


Charlie Chaplin


Perhaps the master or King of the craft. None has ever been able to touch or scale the heights he did in the b & w and silent era movies. Chaplin’s ability to make his viewer’s eyes moist through the laugh riot set him apart from his compatriots and his successors.


Great post. some of my favorites there. By why is friends missing from the list?