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| June 24, 2017

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Jason Leci

So before I even get into the main post, I will say this loud and clear “I hate cooking as I am not very good at it (see the subtlety!)”. However, watching people employ wacky approaches to cook food which can literally redefine the art of cooking is freakin’ hilarious and personally something that I enjoy watching just for the kicks. So in here, I am going to list a few YouTube food channels that get my senses reinvigorated!

1) My Drunk Kitchen –

Now Hannah Hart is one interesting lady.. The environment of the channel is amateurish but it’s her constant shots of sensible free speech that makes these videos well worth the watch!



2) Great Depression Cooking –

If you intend to learn cooking but are still dilly-dallying on it, then this is the channel for you. 95 year old Clara recounts her past experiences and teaches recipes employed at the time. My take – If this old lady’s ability to cook doesn’t inspire you to take it up yourself, then nothing will!



3) PESfilm –

Clay animations are pretty rare these days. Wallace and Gromit comes to mind when I say that! Now this channel is not about actual food, but beautiful and engaging clay animated movies showing how stuff (other than food!) can be used for cooking. I will assure you this much, one view of this video and it’s highly unlikely that you won’t subscribe to this channel!



4) Epic Meal Time –

Now this has got to be one of the most popular food channels, or should I say food abuse channel on YouTube. Bunch of hefty guys making the kind of food that even a binge eater might be scared to have! And yes, bacon strips is an absolute must in each of the humongous dishes they make. As they say, “Piling it all up cooking is so mainstream..”

VIEWER WARNING – I am not responsible for iffy digestive systems after you are done watching this!




Hope you enjoyed this little list! Till the next article, CIAO!