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| June 22, 2017

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2013 - The Year of 4K TV

2013 – The Year of 4K TV

What is 4K TV?

4K TV or “Ultra HD TV” is a TV that can display 3840×2160 resolution, which is 4 times the number of pixels Full HD TVs have, which is only 1920×1080. LG and Sony have a 84-inch Ultra HD TV while Samsung has an 85-inch available.

Will the difference in resolution be noticeable?

This is where people tend to differ. It seems to me that those who say there is no visible difference between FULL HD and Ultra HD are people with bad vision or people who just don’t plan on purchasing one. Personally, I say HELL YES. There is no doubt about the superiority in PQ vs FULL HD (1080p). I mean I can see a huge difference on youtube 4K content already, and that’s on a laptop. Imagine watching 4K content on an 84-85 inch screen. You can expect 55-65 inch sizes in the near future.

Just to give you an idea how mind-boggling 4K image is, watch this video that was filmed in 4K resolution (set it to “original” resolution). It will give you a glimpse of just how detailed 4K images are — and remember you’re probably watching it on a laptop too, imagine watching it on a 4K TV.

What about the lack of 4K content?

I’ve heard enough of this already. When 720p was the norm, 1080p content was non-existent, until it was slowely introduced after FULL HD TVs were released. This is all a process folks. Now that 4K TVs have hit the market, developers and movie makers will now have a platform to work with. Just give it some time. For those who can’t wait, each TV manufacturer has developed its own 4K content specifically designed for its version of 4K TV. You can always watch 4K vids on the internet as well.


Now those of you who are complaining that the price of 4K TVs are not worth buying, well you are somewhat right. These TVs are not being mass produced, with a very limited number of supply for now. I hardly doubt these companies are targeting middle class consumers. These are for the ballers or the super hardcore videophiles. I remember when plasma TVs were first introduced with a price tag of $20,000 @ 42-inches but that didn’t stop people from buying them.

I remember when plasma TVs were first introduced with a price tag of $20,000 @ 42-inches but that didn’t stop people from buying them.

Which 4K TVs to look for?

LG has an 84″ Ultra HD TV (84LM9600) that is priced around $17,000. Sony’s version of the 84″ Ultra HD TV (XBR-84X900A) is priced at $25,000 and Samsung’s 85″ Ultra HD TV is priced at $38,000.


OsamaTarique 1 Like

For the price of one 4K TV, i'd rather purchase 3,000,000 bhang packets.

HerbertGaylord 2 Like

The Sony 4K TV will soon be in my home. Purchased one at a discount for $19,000.

LorenzoMonteblanco 1 Like

 @HerbertGaylord The owner of the gym I work out at bought two of the LG ones last month to replace the 5 42" LCD's in the treadmill room. I have to say, even from a distance of 20 feet, the picture is exceptional.

WonChoi 1 Like

I wonder if 4K will have developers creating a new platform to replace blu-ray for delivering 4K content. A 2 hour long 4K video is roughly 200 gigabytes.

thenanobyte moderator

 @WonChoi Don't forget 3D. Expect a much larger file size for 4K 3D movies.

gosugadget 1 Like

Design wise, it would seem the LG 4K set is suited for traditional homes whereas the Samsung and Sony are fit for modern style homes.


 @gosugadget You know whats funny? I am living in Korea and it seems like the LG set is specifically to accommodate the interior homes here more so than they do in the states.

JimmyFukyushu 1 Like

 @MattRosenberg  @gosugadget I disagree. The LG set can look quite stunning in modern living rooms because of its chrome frame. I actually think Samsung went a little overboard with their 'artistic' design.